Matt Ervin

Software Architect and Engineer

Accomplished Software Engineer and Architect with proven project and personnel management skills and a mastery of the SDLC from inception/design, through development and testing, to deployment/ship/support and maintenance. Extensive experience with C++, STL, Boost, C, OOAD, TMP, UML, and design patterns targeting Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and proprietary embedded devices. Extremely strong Windows and Linux development and administration skills. Proven ability to collaborate with both local and remote multilingual teams around the world and to deliver high quality maintainable products on time and on budget. Trained as an Electronics Engineer; firmware and 'on the metal' programming of various firmware applications are well within area of expertise.

Exceptional communication, documentation, and conflict resolution skills.

Principled, fastidious and ambitious (very driven) with extremely strong work ethic.

Quality, reliable and robust software solutions delivered in a timely manner.

Key Areas of Expertise

Boost TMP Bash
COM Win32 API Posix (Linux) API
C# Objective-C iOS
Java Android x86 Assembly
Visual Studio Android Studio Eclipse
QtCreator Multi-threading Real-time systems
Concurrency Refactoring Design Patterns
TDD Unit tests Windows Desktop/Embedded/Drivers
Embedded Firmware Device Drivers BIOS
BSP Android Embedded/App iOS App
Event driven hierarchical state machines Project planning, estimation and management Linux Desktop/Embedded/Kernel/Drivers
Object oriented analysis and design (OOAD) Structured/procedural development "Big picture" software architecture/infrastructure
Documentation, Requirements, Specifications Highly Regulated Industry Experience Telecommuting and multilingual team experience

This is a summary of my most dominant, popular and proficient skills, however it is not a comprehensive list.

Outstanding Accomplishments

Rescued several over budget, over due and out of control projects. Most notably:

Developed many large scale and complex projects from scratch. Most notably:


imp Software, LLC

Dec. 2007 - Present

Software Engineer and Owner

imp software is my software consulting business providing solutions mainly for the legalized gaming industry. Leveraging my expert knowledge of this highly regulated industry I specialize in implementing IGT SAS communication protocols and developing firmware/software solutions for Electronic Gaming Machines, or EGMs, to meet industry regulations.

Fleetwood Gaming Inc.

Aug. 2010 - May 2013

Lead Architect/Software Manager

Established new development team and satellite office after previous development team left. Restaffed with minimal personnel with an emphasis on skill and efficiency rather than volume. Responsible for setting up IT as well as getting the current gaming machine software into a healthy state able to pass regulations.


Jan. 2008 - Jan. 2010

Software Engineer/Consultant


Aug. 2004 - Feb. 2007

Independent Consultant

Interfaced with multinational/multilingual teams to provide firmware and software development on the GnSYS product for the European and South American markets. GnSys is a .NET based framework implemented in C# with a real-time sub-system implemented in C++ and C.

U1 Gaming

June 2002 - Nov. 2007

Lead Architect/Software Manager

Led development on the flagship product: a bleeding edge, always on, power loss fault tolerant electronic gaming machine (EGM) which conforms to both hard and soft real-time constraints in the highly regulated legalized gaming market. It plays poker and keno, sports a 24" cinema style true color video display, touch screen, surround sound, conforms to both hard and soft real-time constraints, and includes myriad atypical features for a device of its type.

VLC (now a division of IGT)

June 1999 - June 2002

Software Engineer III

iMall Inc

May 1998 - May 1999

Senior Software Engineer

ProModel Corporation

May 1996 - May 1998

Senior Software Engineer

Dementia Software

1996 - 1999

Owner/Software Developer

Dementia Software is a software business I started in late 1996 to create Microsoft Windows based shareware/freeware. To date, I have developed DSLogoCycler and SSThingy. Both products, originally released as shareware, were successful in the market place. Now that they are out of date, they have been released as freeware.

Ameritech Library Services

Oct. 1994 - May 1996

Software Engineer

Hybrid Microsystems Inc.

Jan. 1993 - July 1994

Software/Embedded System Engineer